School services

PPA Cover/ Up skill of Teachers


We at GAME-ON work tirelessly to create session plans which will challenge children as well as provide a fun, safe and educational teaching session when delivering PE and Up skill of teachers. We consult with an Advanced Skills Teacher of PE on a regular basis to develop schemes of work to match the school's needs. Our fully qualified sports teachers hold the skills to deliver sports teaching sessions for the children and the teacher who may feel the need to gain knowledge from a coaches' perspective, this could also include cross curricular sports lessons. We offer this to schools to help the teachers teach PE lessons to the highest standard possible. We believe PE is the most important time to keep children active, healthy and improve their sporting skills and techniques.

We can work alongside the school's curriculum to deliver PE to the school's high standards or we can build a curriculum what we believe would cover all aspects of PE as progression is key in our practice. Liaising with the children's class teachers to assess the pupil's progression is important for record keeping on the way students are improving.

We understand that from sports ad PE is an important part of the school week and OFSTED see it very important, we can help build you're your complete sport curriculum to an OFSTED standard.