School services

Lunchtime Clubs & Playground Zoning


Lunchtime Clubs and Playground zoning - To encourage children to participate in sports and activities we offer Lunchtime clubs and Playground zoning. Issues such as unnecessary injuries and disputes are reduced on playgrounds when there are different activities to participate in. This is set up and monitored by the GAME-ON staff. Dinner supervisors can also be upskilled if necessary.

We offer a Playground Leader Scheme; this is for children who feel they want to be part of the GAME-ON team and assist with refereeing games and ensuring participating children have a great time at lunchtimes. Play leaders are rewarded for their great work with Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards throughout the year.

"I really enjoy being a playground leader with GAME-ON, I have learnt how to referee different games and help younger children enjoy lunchtimes, the best thing is I feel like I'm part of the GAME-ON team, I hope I can work with them when I'm grown up" - Thomas Vince, Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School.